Huntsman: Modified NERF Blaster

Ammo counter, current weather, human and zombie count, and more.

Named after the Huntsman spider. Designed to run on a headless Raspberry Pi.

Problem Statement

In the spring of 2019, I played Humans versus Zombies at my school. However, I was tagged the first night I went out largely because I didn't know how many darts I had left in my blaster, or if my darts were actually firing.

NERF blaster with a 3D printed part on top Screen with ammo count information

More documentation can be seen here.

For images of the 3D models, look here

I have decided to put this project to rest for the time being. Humans versus Zombies already happened, and I missed the deadline for 2019. Feature creep caused my project to become far more complicated than necessary, and wound up increasing the length of the project.